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Jane Glanville
Chief Executive Officer
Higher London

Jane Glanville has been the chief executive officer for London Higher since April 2002.  London Higher brings together institutions based in London to identify the opportunities and address the challenges of working in London.  It is a regional membership body with over 40 publicly funded member universities and higher education colleges that are based in London. London Higher also works with a small but growing number of partners – including universities from outside the capital that have a campus in the capital.

From its small and informal origins at the time Jane first joined London Higher, the business has grown into a well-established company limited by guarantee and registered charity. Financed primarily by member contributions and with a turnover of over £1M, London Higher currently operates four core divisions. Each division has its own stream of research and advocacy activities, and runs several discrete projects. Outputs are diverse and include research reports, advocacy campaigns, promotional material, meetings and private dinners, parliamentary lobbying, and collaborative services. London Higher also arranges for the benefit of members and partners a wide range of advisory groups and networks and hosts larger debates, events and, increasingly, focused training workshops. Facilitating collaborations and partnership working is very much a key to what the organisation is about.

Jane herself is a graduate of the University of Cambridge and her career has spanned public, not-for-profit and private sectors. She joined London Higher from KPMG where she was an education sector consultant. Before KPMG for 9 years she held senior roles for the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) and one of its two predecessor bodies, the Polytechnics and Colleges Funding Council.  Jane has worked with a great many institutions of all types across the UK as well as in London, and has first-hand knowledge of the impacts of the many changes that have taken place over the 25+ years she has been involved in higher education.  A keen outdoor sportswoman with a particular passion for field hockey, Jane has three grown up children. Her youngest is a son now 20 with severe learning disabilities - Jane spends much of her non-work time with him and also trying to give encouragement to other parents in a similar situation.

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