We are pleased to present our esteemed panel of judges and moderators for the 2023 Student Accommodation Awards.


The Student Accommodation Awards has a rigorous two stage judging process, to ensure independence and provide clarity on the shortlist and winner.  Our independent panel of prestigious judges is made up of major industry figures, who read, review and discuss the entries to decide on the winners. 

NB - We ask all judges to declare any conflict of interests before the entries are reviewed to ensure the process is completely fair. 

Part 1:

The judges individually study all the submissions received in their allocated categories. Each entry will be independently scored by the judges against the category's specific set criteria. Judges do not confer or discuss entries at this stage and the process is completed entirely independently of each other. Once the remote scoring is complete, scores are collated and the highest scoring submissions go through to the second stage - the Judging Days.

Part 2:

Judges separate into groups based on their specific expertise. A second round of judging will then commence, whereby the highest scoring entries from the first stage are each discussed at length and reviewed in-depth until a winner for each category is agreed. Judging discussions can go on for any length of time, depending on the length, uniqueness and breadth of the shortlist.


  • To be eligible, all entries must relate to the past year between the dates 01 July 2021 – 30 June 2022
  • Make sure that you have read and fully comply with the criteria
  • Provide as much evidence of your results as possible
  • Be sure that you have the correct permissions needed to reveal any potentially sensitive information
  • Photos and images are useful to our judges
  • You can start your entry online and save it to complete it at any point before the deadline
  • Adding supporting documents - please zip your files into one folder and submit, this allows you to add more than one document or image file And lastly, don’t be modest, this is the time to brag about your biggest achievements! 


The transparency and security of the judging process is hugely important to us. For that reason, every judge signs a Non-Disclosure Agreement and all judging meetings are held in private, confidential environments. All scores are collated and verified to avoid anomalies and are then averaged to determine the winner. The Student Accommodation Awards team plus an independent panel of moderators supervise the judging process to identify and avoid any risk of bias and judges are asked to recuse themselves where they have a personal or professional interest.

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