This fresh exhibition stage is situated within the exhibition hall, open to both holders of conference passes and attendees with exhibition hall-only passes.

ESG and Sustainable Approaches
PBSA and co-living of tomorrow

Facilitated by: Daniel Smith, Managing Director, Student Housing Consultancy

Journey to a Million
The implications for the student accommodation sector and beyond

Navigating Accommodation Challenges
How do Universities plan accommodation requirements in cities with a housing shortage and what are the recruitment strategies in cities with limited housing supply?

Facilitated by: James Gregory, Associate Director, MRG

Advancing Public and Private Partnerships

Developers and universities explore common themes in university accommodation strategies and discover key drivers for successful partnerships

Facilitated by: Paddy Jackman, CEO, Unipol

Enabling Student Accommodation experiences that help your residences thrive

Key Take-Aways from the Roundtables on the Exhibition Stage

Each host will have 60 seconds to share the insights gained from the discussions

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