Fireside Chat: Are the USA & Australia offering a superior student experience?


Panel discussion

This panel will focus on international students and the student experience, specifically in the USA and Australia - two of the largest global markets for international students. Philip Hillman will quiz some of the leading advisors and operators on the trends in PBSA hospitality in these markets.

  • What is it that attracts students to these markets?
  • How are leading operators responding to their needs and what do they need to do to keep their interest?
  • Will international student numbers fall due to international political tensions?
  • SARS did not permanently damage studying abroad. Is the impact of COVID-19 likely to lead to long term change?
  • Reflection on the changing landscape of student accommodation from real estate to hospitality – what can we learn from the multifamily, co-living and the hospitality sectors?

Moderated by:

Philip Hillman, Chairman - Living Capital Markets, JLL 

Cedar Pacific Investment Management
National Director, Student Accommodation
Savills Australia & New Zealand
Chairman - Living Capital Markets
Executive Managing Director
Chief Investment Officer, EVP
American Campus Communities