Panel Discussion: Optimising the student experience through accommodation: promoting community, diversity and supporting student mental health & wellbeing


Panel discussion

If you’re an investor or a developer, there is a commercial responsibility to deliver practical, safe and comfortable accommodation which meets the needs of the occupier – but not all students are the same, and so neither are their needs! Furthermore, over the last few years there has been a growing awareness of student mental health and the impact this has on student life and ability to study. In addition to an ethical case, there is also a strong business case for addressing student mental health, for universities and accommodation providers alike.

  • How important has community living been to students in the first semester post pandemic? How is it being managed, celebrated and supported across different universities and cultural groups to support student mental health?   
  • Designing spaces that reflect the needs of future trade: the importance of rethinking accommodation to offer more diverse living spaces, such as alcohol-free, quiet, and single sex accommodations
  • How can universities and PBSA providers work together to ensure the best possible outcomes for students? How are they reviewing contract terms and considerations?
  • How can universities tap into external off-campus communities to strengthen student wellbeing and satisfaction?
  • How can we work together as an industry to support and promote diversity?

Moderated by:

Michelle Beaumont, Partner, Irwin Mitchell

Student Experience Director
Unite Students
LINK Strategic Partners
Irwin Mitchell
Managing Director, Futurelets
Coventry University
Chief Marketing Officer
Nido Student